EFY Technology is a leading provider of Commercial UAS Solutions. The products and solutions cover Cluster control, Logistics & transportation, Patrol & inspection, Flight control system and Customization.

  • HQ: Tianjin , China.  10,000 M2
  • Branches: Beijing,Guangdong,Qingdao,Xiongan new area in Hebei,China
  • The mileage of logistics and express delivery ranks first in China(2018)

  • No.1 in the world for UAV Cluster control application (Q1 in 2019)

Team Advantages
Honorary Certificate

All proprietary intellectual property rights: application more than 140 invention patents and authorized more than 50

  • National Excellence Award of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (the NO.1 in Tianjin division)
  • The most valuable AI company in China.
  • National High-tech Enterprise
  • Top 20 outstanding start-ups in Beijing
  • Awarded the Science and Technology Smes Identified in Tianjin.
  • Served as major special projects of Tianjin twice
  • China Independent Innovation Enterprise Award in 2017.
  • The top 100 most valuable companies to invest in China in 2018   
  • ……
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